These photographs "unveil the bountiful secrets of nature
exactly as they are before the march of time mars their perfect beauty."

Our photographs are available in two versions: Gallery Wrap (see Ordering Info) or, if you choose to frame it yourself, printed on “Elegance” paper by Breathing Color. (Please also refer to Ordering Info) The loose print includes a 1/2” border on all sides.
Our prices are listed below. They include shipping and handling costs (US only). Please phone or email the Gallery if you wish to have one of our photographs sent out of the country. (See Contact ) Custom sizing is available on some photos. Just give us a call!

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"Morning at Indian Neck"
Image 1-1
22"H X 30"W


"Tiny Wave"
Image 1-2
22"H X 30"W


"Wellfleet Evening - 1"
Image 1-3
22"H X 30"W


Wellfleet Evening - 2
Image 1-4
22"H X 30"W


"Haze of Purple"
Image 1-5
30"H X 22"W


"Glimmer of Hope"
Image 1-6
30"H X 24"W


"Wellfleet Evening III "
Image 1-7
30 "H X 20"W


"Red Sky at Night"
Image 1-8
20"H X 30"W


"July 6th"
Image 1-9
20"H X 30"W


"John's Wave"
Image 1-10
20"H X 30"W


"Gaia's Rock"
Image 1-11
20"H X 30"W